Wallmans Salonger oppgraderer til VUE al-8 linearray

  • Oslo 20. mai 2018

    Wallmans Salonger Oslo gjennomførte i mai 2018 en vellykket oppgradering til markedets beste medium linearray al-8 linearray-systemet fra VUE Audiotechnik. Totalt består systemet av bla 24 Beryllium studio-kvalitets HF-drivere som eneste komplette løsning på markedet.

    Anlegget besår av

    6x+6x VUE al-8 LR system

    3x VUE al-8SB mono subber

    11x VUE a-10 fronfill og outfill

    4x+2x VUE i-8 delay

    5x V6-d forsterkere med custom preset

    Mer info om systemet finner du her :

    Tusen takk for tilliten!

    “Incredible coverage and headroom. I experienced that the clarity of the al-8 brought my mixer position much closer to the stage. The al-8 simply throws the sound further and with fewer speaker cabinets. More details of every elements in the mix came to life. al-8 became «invisible» to my ears. A wide open sound image in a larger area. The al-8 have these qualities which I have never experienced before.”

    Sigmund Rønning – Lydtekniker – Wallmans Salonger Oslo

    “With great help from Avon we now have a speaker system that covers all 600 seats equally. The transition between top and sub is just amazing. I wanted a system with better definition in the low end than before, and I must say that VUE delivers way beyond my expectations. Not only in the low end, but over the whole range. Instruments feels closer than before, and the vocals are easier to place in the mix."

    Raymon Hem – Teknisk sjef – Wallmans Salonger Oslo

    Se siste innslag fra avonTV. Intervju med Raymon Hem og Sigmund Rønning fra Wallmans Oslo og deres erfaringer med det nye al-8 lydanlegget fra VUE Audiotechnik.

    Takk til Anders Olsen i Monitor